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Quick by Southwest


I was originally planning on skipping this year’s SXSW, but finally caved and booked a quick, two-night visit to the land of a million geeks. Each year, the event seems to grow exponentially, and after 2007, I couldn’t imagine doing it again if the trend continued. But eventually I realized there are far too many people in one place at one time that I need to connect with. That, and JetBlue flies direct from BOS to AUS.

I won’t be speaking this year, and I’m quite happy about that. Instead, I’ll be trying to cram as much catching up as I can over 2.5 days. I’ll also be carrying as many Foamee coasters as I can, so be sure to say hi and ask for one (free!).

Because coffee can be Foamee, too

Non beer drinkers and caffeine fans rejoice: Foamee now has support for coffee. Just follow @ioucoffee on Twitter and follow the same steps that 1600 beer aficionados have followed over the past few weeks.

Send someone an I.O.U. for coffee like so:

@ioucoffee @twitterscreenname for being an amazing human being.

Then keep track of those I.O.U.s (for beer and coffee!) on your people page (here’s mine). Send beer. Send coffee. Send good vibes to all the interweb’s citizens.

Happy Holidays from your friends at SimpleBits.

Pub Chatter

It’s been a few days since the keg was tapped and Foamee began serving the public. Things went as smooth as one could hope, and about 500 Twitterers have sent some 700 I.O.U.s. (35 of which have been redeemed). We were honored to have collected the Mashup of the Day Award on Monday (which begs the question: are there enough mashups being developed to warrant that? I suppose they’re are).

But more importantly, I’m glad that Foamee is being used for what I hoped it would: spreading some good vibes around the interwebs. You can (and should!) use Foamee to keep track actual, physical beers of course, but it can also simply be a way to send a little virtual good cheer that’s free and easy.

Here are a few of my favorites so far:

for helping jake and i make it to our first springsteen concert last night!

for telling me your story last night.

for being so cool on that project that we can’t talk about yet

for picking up tix for the Dropkicks

for helping me decide what to do with my guitars

for growing one heck of a goatee.

And while you’re at it, why not send a beer to your dog? Pets deserve some Foamee, too.