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I’m back in the saddle this week after returning from Build, a conference in Northern Ireland, expertly assembled by Andy McMillan. It was a great event, and a nice way to cap off a busy year of speaking. Build was my last event till 2012. I decided I need some time off to recharge, focus on some other things, not be away from the family, and take a good long while before thinking about diving into Keynote again to construct a fresh talk. Looking forward to attending an event or two in 2011.


Emboss closeup

The custom handheld embosser I ordered last week arrived today. I can highly recommend Acorn Sales, as the order shipped incredibly fast, the quality is great (feels like this thing was designed by the military, 50 years ago) and their customer service was excellent.

I’m looking forward to impressing things that were previously unimpressed. Now to find some quality paper to brand…


I used to despise mushrooms. Avoided them at all costs for the first 30 years of my life. Now I love them. I seek them out. Order them, specifically. “Oh, that has sliced shiitakes on it? Well, yeah, let’s go with that one, thanks”.

I have a similar tale about asparagus.

It’s funny how we box ourselves in.

“I don’t eat mushrooms. I’m not a mushroom-eater.”

I need to remind myself that I spent 30 years avoiding something that I now enjoy.


keys in dock

I don’t know if this is a Wellingtonian exclusive, or just that I hadn’t come across it before, but here’s something cool at the Museum Hotel in Wellington, New Zealand (where I’m staying right now for this week’s Webstock conference): To turn your room lights on, you dock the keychain in a little slot by the door. Inserting the card turns the main lights on. Removing the key card turns them all off. It’s a natural place to keep your key, while doubly reminding you (or forcing you) to turn the lights off when you leave. That’s good design.

.net award

A few issues of the latest .net magazine arrived in the mailbox earlier this week, and well golly gee, I’ve been named 2007′s Standards Champion for their annual awards. .net is a fantastic UK-based design and development magazine (printed on real paper). What an honor! A big thank you to the magazine and anyone else who was involved in the decision making.