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March 30, 2002

If I tell you one thing today, it should be this: I love Dairy Queen. I prefer their “ice milk” over regular ice cream. I love the amount of whipped cream they dispense. I even love their logo. Spring is here, and so is DQ.

Do you have computer parts, but no case? Do what this guy did — just get yourself some of that spray-foam stuff, and presto – a lightweight, inexpensive, but truly bizarre case.

March 29, 2002

Went to a new Irish Pub here in Salem, right down the street –McSwiggin’s. You gotta love a name like that. Anyway, tried a new beer I’ve never had before, Tucher Weizen. It’s a German wheat beer, with that cloudy, yeasty, served-with-a-lemon type thing going on. Refreshing, with a touch of mellow smoothness.

It’s annoying, but Netscape displays input boxes, textareas, etc. differently (larger) than IE. I’ve found out that it’s due to Netscape using the browser’s monospaced font for form elements, while IE does not. What to do? Here’s an excellent explanation and fix for the problem. Inline CSS to the rescue.

March 28, 2002

Robot Frog is a really nicely designed site. This guy makes some damn cool icons too.

I often forget that I get the Sundance Channel — last night I watched, a documentary about the two guys who started The cameras follow them for a year and watch it rise and fall. I actually remember being a partner of the failed .com that I worked for right around the market crash. It’s amazing what happened in such a short period of time.

March 27, 2002

For anyone that’s interested, I’ve updated the software page with Publish Jr. 1.0. The XML-fied version that I’m using now to publish. It’d probably take a fair amount of tinkering to get it to work for you, but I figured it would be worth posting for public ridicule consumption. Let me know if you actually use it.

Ok, no more posting about how the site works, and more posting about… well, other stuff.

Who knew that Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer knows how to get this party started? Hilarious. [via shacker]

Well it finally looks as if all the DNS and server changes have ironed themselves out. Whew. I’m going to focus on posting now, which is really what I should be doing on this site right?

Mac OS X has just turned 1 year old. It’s amazingly great for such a “young” operating system. Not really that young when you consider it’s base — BSD Unix.

March 25, 2002

Yikes. I’ve been rebuilding the site on a server at work, with plans to switch over when it was finished. Turns out I let my old hosting account expire and was scrambling over the weekend to get everything in place. It still may take another day for DNS to filter down to all the ISPs in the world. Anyway, I wrote a new publishing system in Perl that writes and edits the content in XML now. A lot more flexible. I’m also using a Perl to handle XLST and renders the site on the fly. Eventually I’ll post the code to the software page if you’re at all the least bit interested.

There’s still a couple wacky things to fix — oh and if you want to customize, you may need to delete previous cookies from this site.

March 22, 2002

This morning was the coldest walk to the train all winter — oh wait, it’s actually Spring now. It takes a pretty cold windchill to get me to curse out loud, and this morning delivered a ten minute long ice cream headache the whole walk to the train (appox. 13 mins.). I really start to question my choice of lattitude on mornings like these.

Amelie is an incredibly great movie — certainly one of the best I’ve seen this year. Is it nominated? Does it really matter? Go see it.

March 19, 2002

Saw Ryan Adams last night. No, not Bryan Adams — Ryan Adams. Was a pretty good show overall. The kid can write songs (I can say kid, because I believe he’s younger than me). It’s always nice to hear different renditions of the songs, live. He was apparently too cool to A) say more than 2 words to the audience the entire time and B) play the hit song everyone was waiting for.

Going out to see bands and standing upright for 3 straight hours in a cloud of smoke becomes harder and harder though.

March 17, 2002

Spent the weekend in Maine, and while the picture on the right doesn’t give you a sense of where we were, the Wells Reserve is a pretty cool place to check out some wildlife and stuff. Saw 5 deer, a hawk, salt marshes, two loud squirrels and lots of lobster restaurants. All in all, a good trip.

March 15, 2002

I just saw an ad for a new show on Fox – Greg the Bunny. Eugene Levy is in it, so you can’t go wrong there — plus here’s the kicker. There are puppets.

This is a letter I’ve just sent to, hoping it’ll reach its intended destination:

Dear Mr. Groening,

It was several years ago, when my wife and I visited Los Angeles, California, hoping to rub
elbows with the entertainment elite. Halfway through the trip, we descended upon the most
ridiculous club — the “Key Club” I believe, on Sunset — to catch up with an old college
roomate of my wife’s who happened to be playing in a band called “Beer For Dolphins”.

More to the point — I remember two things about this night. This club. 1) A Heineken was $12.
And 2) I got to shake the hand of the man who created the best damn program that
the world of televised entertainment has to offer. Umm, The Simpsons I think it’s called.

I have regrets. I’m sure I said something cliche, and utterly forgettable. Something like “your
show is awesome”.

The reason for my letter? I watched in pathetic envy as someone else asked for an autograph, and
you proceded to draw her a custom character on one of your business cards. I daydreamed for a moment
of bringing home such a trophy — proof, vindication of an east coast guy who, for a fleeting
10 seconds, was hob-nobbing with a genius. I’d put it on the wall at home – frame it even (probably
not professionally. Getting something framed professionally is incredibly expensive. I could
just measure the business card and then buy a suitable frame from the frame shop — or Target even.
No, definitely wouldn’t have it framed professionally). I would show it off to friends and they
would leave saying to themselves “wow, that Simpson’s guy is so nice. I really enjoy that show,
and now I like it even better. I may even be more inclined to buy Simpson’s merchandise
or recommend Simpson’s-related items to friends and relatives”.

But alas. I chickened out. I settled for the “Hi, I like you show”, and that was that. So, what
I’m asking is if you send such cards or autographs or pieces of paper with writing of yours on it
to fans that take to the time to write (long and strange) letters?

That’s what I thought. But thanks for reading regardless.

Keep up the good work.


Dan Cederholm