March 27, 2002

For anyone that’s interested, I’ve updated the software page with Publish Jr. 1.0. The XML-fied version that I’m using now to publish. It’d probably take a fair amount of tinkering to get it to work for you, but I figured it would be worth posting for public ridicule consumption. Let me know if you actually use it.

Ok, no more posting about how the site works, and more posting about… well, other stuff.

Who knew that Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer knows how to get this party started? Hilarious. [via shacker]

Well it finally looks as if all the DNS and server changes have ironed themselves out. Whew. I’m going to focus on posting now, which is really what I should be doing on this site right?

Mac OS X has just turned 1 year old. It’s amazingly great for such a “young” operating system. Not really that young when you consider it’s base — BSD Unix.