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April 30, 2002

Doh! say it ain’t so.

In the tradition of 1900 House (and countless other reality tv shows), comes Frontier House, a new PBS series that places 3 American families in 1883 Montana frontier land for 5 months. I watched the first few episodes last night — pretty fascinating seeing how differently the various people cope with it. A few of them had to build their own houses with nothing more than the land they had. Puts things in perspective — especially while watching with a beer in your hand on the couch, watching it all unfold on T.V. Heh heh.

April 28, 2002

Kerry ran the James Joyce Ramble, a 10K road race in Dedham, Massachusetts. Incredibly, there are people dressed in period costumes along the race route, reading James Joyce aloud. What a crazy idea — and somehow it all works. Would’ve been even better if it hadn’t poured. My Mom and I got wet and cold and probably would’ve been happier if we ran it.

Have you seen this at the mall? Bath Fitter sells a shell that you place over your entire bathtub and shower — woilla. You have a brand new bathroom. It’s as simple as that. Now, this is something I would think up. I cannot believe someone would buy this. “I have a dirty, gross bathtub, so I think I’ll cover it up with some plastic.” Umm… genius (right?).

April 26, 2002

So, Paul at work says I never mention him or any other work peeps on this site. Hello Paul, and hello fellow Gruner + Jahr USA Publishing Business Innovators Group Web Team. Ain’t that a mouthful? (In other words: and

Something big happened this week. Because I’ve been doing so much XML/XSL work lately, I’ve deciding to switch from UPPERCASE HTML tagging to lowercase. It’s hard to not hold down the shift key. In the end, I think it’ll be better and more consistent. I’m glad you feel the same way.

Apparently some new TV station, G4, has launched and is broadcasting nothing but old-school Pong for 7 straight days. (Note: the site doesn’t like Mac/IE users. bummer).

Just played around with Chimera — a Mac OSX native browser based on Mozilla (I think). It’s damn fast, and it’s ultimate feature is a tabbed view of multiple web pages in one window. Genius. I think it’s still a little buggy, but worth checking out. Here’s a screenshot. [props: scripting news]

April 24, 2002

I always thought of Central Park as a dirty, scary disgusting place for some reason. Turns out, it’s beautiful. Lots of dogs though. Lots of people walking their dogs. When the dogs greet each other, it gives the people an excuse to talk. Does this picture look like it was taken in New York City? Crazy eh?

Friend Bear. Crudely drawn cartoons. Plot lines that make no sense. There’s even a ninja thrown in one of them. Absolutely hilarious.

April 22, 2002

The Empire State Building. The tallest skyscraper in New York now. It’s amazing to stare up at this thing (didn’t want to pay the $17 admission to go to the top). There was also some ride at the top called “Skyride” or something. Sounded sort of frightening.

It was bound to happen, Apple designs something really well and then someone copies it.

I was informed that yesterday’s photo is the Flatiron Building (thanks, Peter!), built in 1902. It’s quite an interesting building that sits at the diagonal intersection of Broadway and 5th. I was trying to get all artsy with the photo, but it’s actually quite tall (especially for 1902).

April 21, 2002

Note to self: next you go to NYC for the weekend, take the train. Other than the 7+ hour drive from Salem to Manhattan, the weekend was all good times. Highlight was indeed Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. Amazing food. I learned that pure, blue agave tequila is the only way to go. Walked probably 30 miles through Mid-town, Greenwich Village, Central Park, etc. Such a gigantic city. Still can’t belive what happened here last year. The photo on the right is a famous building of which the name escapes me. I’m going to post more photos as the week goes on. Bought an Atari shirt and the latest White Stripes disc (good stuff — a bass-less, guitar/drums lo-fi combo thing going on there that everyone is talking about).

Whoa. Looks like Kaliber 10000 finally relaunched. Looks amazing.

April 19, 2002

I’m heading down to NYC for the weekend. As close as it is to Boston, I haven’t seen much of it, so it’ll be fun to check it all out. Highlight of the trip will undoubtedly be a stop at the Mesa GrillBobby Flay of Food TV’s southwestern eatery. I’m pumped up… errrr, I mean hungry.

Oh, and no matter how much I ironed, my shirt was so damn wrinkled. It was a travesty. I promise to wear a wrinkle-free shirt next time.

April 18, 2002

It’s a tomato soup commericial, yet I am unbelievably annoyed by it. I believe Progresso is the culprit. Here’s the deal, a couple is painting their new house or apartment. The girl goes over to the guy and does the whole “sort of up on her tip-toes, peering down her own nose into the soup can that he’s holding” thing. Then says with such severe annoyance, “What’s for lunch?”. That’s the part that kills me. For some unknown reason. It’s just pierces me like a sharpened twig through a charred marshmallow. I just hate the way she says it. “What’s for lunch?”. It’s the way she says it. Errrr… Anyhow, she’s disgusted at him for buying (what’s clearly obvious) Campbell’s brand tomato soup. Give the guy a break. It ain’t half bad, and I grew up with the stuff.*

*yet I haven’t touched it in say, 20 years.

April 17, 2002

Went to a Celtics game tonight with my Bro. Second row, 3 feet from the floor (courtesy of my Dad’s dentist, no less). I don’t follow basketball all that much, but I learned a few things: Paul Pierce is a damn good athlete, being close makes any sporting event more exciting, and the Celtic’s mascot (Lucky) is humorous. Good times. Oh yeah, and the Celtics beat Atlanta, 89 – 81.

News about Segway/Ginger had died down, but over the past couple days, I’ve starting seeing more buzz about it again. Kamen is applying for a manufacturing patent for the Stirling engine. This thing is pretty fascinating. Seems like most everything will eventually run on one of these.

Ok, I didn’t win. Turns out 3 people did. Ah well, next time.

April 16, 2002

I purchased a Big Game ticket today. $325 million. Well, really only a little more than $230 million after taxes — and that’s if you can handle getting only $9 million/year. I think I’d take the lump sum: $127 million (after taxes). The drawing is in an hour. I’ve played the lottery about 2 times in my life before this one. Somehow I always get that glimmer of “wow… I could actually win this.”

It’s hot.