April 1, 2002

Macromedia would like a Flash-only Web. Flash is great and all, but there are so many problems with relying on it 100% right now. Interestingly enough, the article quotes the author of SVG Essentials — now, that is something I need to learn more about. An opensource, XML-based, vector graphics standard. SVG is the real deal.

Bummer about the Red Sox. They come back from down 7-1 in the first inning, only to lose. 12-11. Only 160-something odd games to go.

April 1st. Opening Day at Fenway Park. (11-11 at the top of the 5th) CPAN is now CJAN, AMD buys nVidia and starts AmVidia, and Google lets their secret out on how they rank pages – using pigeons, of course. Gotta love April Fools Day.