April 14, 2002

Today turned out to be the official kick-off to summer. It was hot, so we played catch, went to the batting cages, ordered a new fridge, assembled porch furniture, listened to the Red Sox/Yankees game while sitting on assembled porch funiture and watched golf. Oh, and also watched Moulin Rouge — I liked it, but not at first. I felt like I just didn’t “get” what was going on towards the beginning, but eventually the story was more involved, and it turned out to be good. Wacky, but good.

I’m an electric razor kind of guy, but I do keep a regular razor as backup for days when I forget to shave for say 3 days straight. Today, my only hope was one of my wife’s (a sea-foam green Gillette with a big “For Women” printed on the side). Whatever, I thought, a razor is a razor. Sort of. I was marvelling at just how good it was working — even better than the masculine ones. Then I discovered I had about a dozen small cuts. Damn. Be careful out there.