April 17, 2002

Went to a Celtics game tonight with my Bro. Second row, 3 feet from the floor (courtesy of my Dad’s dentist, no less). I don’t follow basketball all that much, but I learned a few things: Paul Pierce is a damn good athlete, being close makes any sporting event more exciting, and the Celtic’s mascot (Lucky) is humorous. Good times. Oh yeah, and the Celtics beat Atlanta, 89 – 81.

News about Segway/Ginger had died down, but over the past couple days, I’ve starting seeing more buzz about it again. Kamen is applying for a manufacturing patent for the Stirling engine. This thing is pretty fascinating. Seems like most everything will eventually run on one of these.

Ok, I didn’t win. Turns out 3 people did. Ah well, next time.