April 18, 2002

It’s a tomato soup commericial, yet I am unbelievably annoyed by it. I believe Progresso is the culprit. Here’s the deal, a couple is painting their new house or apartment. The girl goes over to the guy and does the whole “sort of up on her tip-toes, peering down her own nose into the soup can that he’s holding” thing. Then says with such severe annoyance, “What’s for lunch?”. That’s the part that kills me. For some unknown reason. It’s just pierces me like a sharpened twig through a charred marshmallow. I just hate the way she says it. “What’s for lunch?”. It’s the way she says it. Errrr… Anyhow, she’s disgusted at him for buying (what’s clearly obvious) Campbell’s brand tomato soup. Give the guy a break. It ain’t half bad, and I grew up with the stuff.*

*yet I haven’t touched it in say, 20 years.