April 21, 2002

Note to self: next you go to NYC for the weekend, take the train. Other than the 7+ hour drive from Salem to Manhattan, the weekend was all good times. Highlight was indeed Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. Amazing food. I learned that pure, blue agave tequila is the only way to go. Walked probably 30 miles through Mid-town, Greenwich Village, Central Park, etc. Such a gigantic city. Still can’t belive what happened here last year. The photo on the right is a famous building of which the name escapes me. I’m going to post more photos as the week goes on. Bought an Atari shirt and the latest White Stripes disc (good stuff — a bass-less, guitar/drums lo-fi combo thing going on there that everyone is talking about).

Whoa. Looks like Kaliber 10000 finally relaunched. Looks amazing.