May 9, 2002

I have an important statement to make: Someone needs to bring back the china cymbal. This set has maybe 5 of them in it. Excellent. No one hoists 2 china cymbals above their drum set anymore. If you want to rock properly, you must have two giant china cymbals hovering as high as they possibly can over your drum set.

About a month ago, I finished reading Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation by Joseph Ellis — a book containing six stories about seven of the early American founders (Washington, Adams, Burr, Hamilton, Jefferson, etc.). Pretty fascinating to go beyond what I remember from schoool, what it took to keep the initial values of a new country in place. Who knew that settling arguments with a duel still took place in the late 1700s — especially between legendary politicians. There’s also happens to be a companion series on the History Channel coming up later this month.