May 12, 2002

Spider-Man was the best superhero movie I have seen to date. I haven’t seen many though. Batman is the only one that’s coming to mind. Anyhow, Spider-Man was very entertaining — crazy “swing from the skycrapers” special effects. Tobey Maguire continues to prove himself as a good (and now versitile) actor and it definitely had Sam Raimi’s signature camera work in a few spots. Nice also to see a Bruce Campbell cameo as well.

It was interesting how they explained why he wears a (colorful) suit. I wonder if that’s part of the original comic.

The Promise Ring’s latest, Wood/Water, caught me off guard. There’s maybe 4 songs on it that immediately struck me as outstanding — after only the first listen. It’s the pace of the album that’s a complete departure from their previous stuff. There’s not a song on there that ventures above a laid back, slow and loose crawl. I think the album as a whole is going to grow on me. I hate using the term, but it’s certainly a more “mature” record. Looking forward to seeing these guys in Boston later in the month.