May 15, 2002

I walk by these two buildings several times a week — they’re in the North End of Boston, right behind the office. For some reason I like ‘em. So I decided to take a picture. And here it is.

“Today, the world gets Vanilla Coke, a vanilla-flavored version of Coca-Cola Classic. What for years has been available only at soda fountains as a generic vanilla coke – some carbonated water, a dollop of Coke syrup, an additional dollop of vanilla, et voila – is now on supermarket shelves in bottles and cans.” — Boston Globe

Melanie of poses the question: “Hey, do you think we’ll be able to keep our domains even after Tuvalu sinks
into the ocean
?” Crap, imagine if your country was sinking … and fast. The .tv domain was originally created for Tuvalu, although I think (and hope) it was later sold to someone who’s been reselling them.