June 12, 2002

Newman-Os are almost exactly like Oreos yet they are completely organic (which apparently is a good thing). The creme center is more squishy and less solid than an Oreo (which is also apparently a good thing).

Went out last night and saw The Hives at the Roxy in Boston. Now, we don’t get out very much these days and if every show was as good as this one, I would not have a problem with going out once a year. There is massive amounts of hype surrounding this band, but after seeing them live — it’s all deserved. Sure they might be a little derivative, but you can’t go see the Kinks or the Sex Pistols or the Who anymore (ok, I guess the Who still tours, but… ) so you might as well enjoy this stuff. Great short set with the frontman prancing around like a hilarous and arrogant Mick Jagger at half his age and on speed. Selected quotes:

“Boston, we love you … and you love the Hives.”

“I’m going to count this next one off in Swedish, which is a language I’m more familar with, although I’m pretty f!@#$ing good at English too, as you can see.”

After the encore and after all other band members left, the drummer walks out to the front of the stage and just stares at the audience. For like 5 mins. Occassionally he’d bite his nails or stretch his neck. Then finally just walked off. Hilarious. Great show.