June 23, 2002

Vacation has offically started. Unfortunately buying a new fridge killed any travel plans beyond the borders of Massachusetts.

I’m writing this post in a new publishing engine I’ve been working on. The code has been chopped down to a single Perl file that runs all the processing and file writing, and an XSLT stylesheet to handle the form building. It’s called SimplePost now (source is available for download), and I think I finally have something worth using. It uses all little XML files for each individual post, then Perl builds a master XML doc for the site to render. It’s all written using RSS as well.

Watched Vanilla Sky tonight. Liked it a lot. Spent the whole movie saying “damn good soundtrack”, then forgot until the closing credits that Cameron Crowe directed it. Makes perfect sense.

Most importantly though, today is Kerry and I’s 1 year anniversary. It’s crazy how fast a (great) year can fly by.