June 25, 2002

DVD #3: The Majestic. A pretty good movie. I remember seeing an interview with Jim Carrey around the time that this originally came out in theatres. He was saying how Jimmy Stewart was his idol. It’s apparent in the film, and it works. The story somewhat relates to Stewart’s in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I’m liking Jim Carrey’s serious roles so far — I only hope he continues to get good scripts sent his way.

I recently upgraded Internet Explorer to version 5.2 for OS X. It now supports Quartz (silky smooth text) rendering at just about every font size. I turned it off though. It just doesn’t look right for smaller pixel sizes — especially when non-aliased fonts are clearer without the smoothing. I love it on larger font sizes. Just wish you could set a threshold. Maybe it’s just something you get used to. 5.2 does seem a bit snappier which is nice.

Also downloaded OmniWeb today — a promising browser, from a great Mac software company. I hear that it’s cookie management is worth the $29.99 license fee.