June 26, 2002

Another in the “Rediscovering the North Shore” series (previously named “Had to buy a fridge so we can’t go anywhere on vacation”): Misery Island turned out to be an incredible, 87 acre, uninhabited oasis only a few miles from our house off the coast of Salem, MA. A 20 min boat ride takes you out, drops you off, and then you’re on your own until the next pick up. Highly recommended if you’re ever in the area. It was about 95 degrees today, and probably 80 degrees on the island. The photo on the right was taken on the dock where the boat picks you up. Here’s a photo from the island on the spot where a casino was built in the early 1900s. Someone had grand plans for the “Misery Island Club” back in the day. Now it’s (thankfully) controlled by trustees.

DVD #4: Orange County. Pretty horrible, and only clocks in at an hour and 17 minutes (is that legal?). Jack Black’s appearance was the only saving grace here — but he’s barely in it.