June 29, 2002

Was just reading up on warchalking — a term I’ve been seeing on every Weblog imaginable. Oddly enough it has nothing to do with war, and everything to do with taking advantage of free wireless internet access. Kind people in England have developed a language of symbols drawn with chalk on walls and sidewalks to denote an available wireless access point. More explaination here at news.com.

DVD #7: My patience wears thin for movies that are blatently disturbing for no other reason than to be shocking. During the first 45 mins or so of Monster’s Ball I thought that’s exactly what I was in for. As it evolves though, the disturbing stuff is necessary for the rest of the story. Billy Bob Thorton played the same exact character I’ve been seeing in his last few movies. I liked it in the end.

Probably the last DVD of summer vacation. We certainly didn’t set out to watch 7 movies this week, but the lame video store right down the street was pulling a “rent one, get one free” on us, so we had to.