July 13, 2002

Lately, my cable box and TV power switches have been out of sync. The remote is supposedly programmed to turn both of these items “on” or “off” with the touch of one, singular button. I cannot convey the amount of utter annoyance that is caused when by pressing the one, singular button on the remote, only one of the aforementioned items manages to turn itself “on” (or “off’ as the case may be). It’s almost as if I’m expected to remove myself from my comfortable position on the couch (a meticulously engineered, perpendicular angle to the window fan I might add) to rectify this horrific situation. Tsk tsk… technology.

I was always suspicious of “Antiques Roadshow” appraisals being somewhat staged. Come to find out that not only is this true, but at the same time one dealer made up to a million dollars giving low-ball estimates to items — then reselling them at their real value for profit. Yikes. He’s now going to jail for it.

Maybe that Civil War era musket ain’t exactly what I thought it was. That is if I actually had a Civil War era musket — or more importantly if I was even interested in Civil War era muskets at all.