July 17, 2002

Sent from a cathode fan in Germany:

Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 02:15:06 -0700

To: “Cathode” xxxxxx@yahoo.com

From: xxxxx@fh-trier.de

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i’ve heard your four tracks at mp3.com and must say that they are

really beautiful. i think that’s the kind of instrumental music i’ve

ever waited for! so are there any more songs of you since today. i

would be very happy! here in germany it is not very easy to get in

contact with smaller bands from the usa. so how can i get releases of


best regards,

xxxx xxxxxxx,


Names have been omitted to protect the innocent. You gotta love an email like that though. And I know that if I tried to write in German it would most certainly come out a lot funnier than this.

I’ve been seeing lots of talk about the recent release of Amazon.com’s Web Services API. Google released an API a few months back and lots of cool stuff came out as a result. It’ll be interesting to see what people do with these tools.

Apple releases OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), 17″ flat-panel iMac, new iPods, iTunes 3, etc. today.