July 18, 2002

Amazoogle? Googazon? The Amazon API is already being tapped into.

Some really spot-on analysis of yesterday’s MacWorld keynote speech. (via scripting news)

I hate flying. I haven’t flown in a while actually, but when I do I may feel a little more at ease. I owe this to reading a few of Salon.com’s Ask the Pilot columns. A real, live pilot answers questions on everything from “will wind-shear break the wings off” to “why are takeoffs so damn freaky sometimes?” I found this by accident this morning after downloading Salon’s offerings to my Palm through AvantGo. Annoyingly, I can’t find the actual article I read this morning, and doing a search on the site led me only to older columns. There also appears to be no index page for all the “Ask the Pilot” articles. Boo.