July 19, 2002

For some reason, some of the best photos I’ve been taking are of flowers. It’s ok to like flowers though. I’ve decided it’s ok. It’s something colorful to focus on. Here are some flowers (daisies?) that were in a field on a previous trip to Misery Island.

Best video ever: Weezer with the Muppets (click on keep fishin’). I’m at a loss for words after viewing this. If you miss the Muppet Show, you gotta check this out. Weezer continues to dish out better videos than all the rest. (via shellen)

News.com: “… a number of those who walked away from CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote on Wednesday were also puzzled by Jobs’ pronunciation of the new version of Mac OS X, code-named Jaguar. Jobs pronounces the new version of the OS “Jag-WHY-ur.” Asked about the diction question, Jobs quipped, “Because I’m weird. Everyone tells me I pronounce it wrong.”