August 1, 2002

A co-worker was just recently telling me about Ruby, a “new” object-oriented scripting language. Think Java meets Perl. I say “new” although it’s been around since the late 90′s. Looks interesting, with streamlined syntax, easy to follow, etc and I hear it will come standard in the next version of OS X. Will have to give it a closer look. Here is a nice introduction to Ruby from O’Reilly. Download it here (for Mac OS X) from Apple — it installs in about 30 seconds with a single click.

MacEdition explains what the deal is with OS X’s new Quartz anti-aliasing. IE 5.2 Mac includes this feature, and I’ve been trying to get used to it. Sure looks nice on larger fonts, but smaller type sizes look too fuzzy. (via zeldman)

I got bored and spruced up the template here a little. I’m ignoring version 4.x browsers and have no idea what this layout looks like in them.

Someone needs to resurrect the 16-beat. All that hi-hat…