August 7, 2002

I am just now struggling with the horrific realization that I haven’t been to Dairy Queen nearly enough this summer.

Bruce Sterling’s pretty hilarious rant on writing software for people who haven’t a clue: “You’re, like, seven miles down in this diamond mine, and these cats are laboring, laboring with these pickaxes and blasting caps and giant grinding machines. And it’s like: ‘Why don’t you people just put in a tomato garden down here? Don’t you like fresh air in this diamond mine? How about some zinnias and daisies? You over there, with the carpal tunnel wristbands — you sure look pale, fella! Don’t you like the sunshine?’” (via evhead)

BlogHog is a browser-based, searchable archive of weblogs that have RSS feeds. It’s only in beta now, but has some promise. (via blogroots)

If you’re looking to be hip, K10K is now selling t-shirts.