August 19, 2002

My Bro and sister-in-law were kind enough to take us to the first pre-season New England Patriots game at their brand spanking new Gillette Stadium. The place is freaking enormous. I’ve never been in such a large stadium. Half-time yielded a 5 minute line in the bathroom though. I guess there’s no way to handle 70,000 fans all at once. We were way the heck up there, but close to the field (looking down in the picture to the right). They won 16-15 — and the second string did better than the starters. Fun times were had tailgating as well.

What’s with all the sports photos on this site? 1-2 years ago, I could’ve cared less. Now I’m all sporty and stuff.

I’m incredibly indecisive when it comes to a design for this site. But that’s the great thing about the Web — it’s always changing, never done. The fun is in the building.