August 23, 2002

Tomorrow is the official launch day of Apple’s upgrade to OS X — version 10.2 Jaguar. I’m tempted to check out the 10:20pm party at the retail store. I think the article linked above gets it a little wrong though. Repeatedly the author refers to OS X playing catch-up with Windows XP. I don’t think that’s necessary at all. They are two completely different operating systems.

I’m eating a Colombo peach yogurt and I’m thinking … whoever came up with the idea to build a snap-together spoon within the plastic lid is a genius. This is a recent invention, no? It’s so simple, yet overwhelmingly empowering. Here I am, able to hit the corner store on the way in to the office, grab the yogurt, then think of nothing else. No trip to the kitchen for a plastic spoon. No, that’s already been taken care of. I salute you, Colombo.

And speaking of yogurt lids, Stonyfield Yogurt misprints 3.1 million of them in a botched promotion with NPR’s “Car Talk” program. Apparently, Stonyfield printed NPR on the lids without their permission, while the promotion was encouraging people to stop buying SUVs and drive smaller cars. Now there’s a lot of lids. (via heath)