August 26, 2002

And now for the funniest damn site I’ve seen in months: (via rustedrobot)

The bassist from Redd Kross decided to add his own bass lines and vocals to the (normally bass-less) White Stripe’s latest “Red Blood Cells” album, then post the resulting MP3s on his Web site. This is a hilarious and excellent idea. Too bad he already took the files down.

The smiling Mac icon that has been appearing at bootup for 18 years has been removed from the latest version of Mac OS X (10.2). Apparently it’s been replaced with a grey Apple logo. When I first started using OS X, I remember thinking how it was nice to still see the happy icon. Like a nod to the past. Time to move on, I guess.

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  1. tickling says:

    That’s so funny!