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September 30, 2002

Ahh. Autumn. One of my favorite seasons — certainly in the top 4 at least. Apple picking yesterday was successful. The only problem with apple picking is that the only apples available are way up on the top of the trees. I had only apple pie for dinner last night.

The U.S. Evite to the rest of world: “Hello World Leaders! Come join us, The United States, as we wage war on Iraq, November 14th in Bagdad! It should be a good time…”

Apple released a beta version of iSync, its synching software for phones, iPods, Palms, etc. Seems like this will be pretty cool — but especially if I had a bluetooth phone and card for the Palm. Also, AvantGo has yet to be compatible with OS X which is painfully making me use my Windows machine each morning only to sync. That is super annoying.

September 25, 2002

Having worn a necktie twice in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been asking myself “aren’t ties weird?”. And aren’t they? I mean look, it’s this extra piece of cloth that you tie around your neck and let hang down. It’s weird. Why am I considered more dressed up when I have one on? When the heck did all this nonsense begin? The answer is here. Ties are still weird though.

September 23, 2002

I’ve just launched what may be my first step into freelance web design: Habitat for Humanity – North Shore. I’ve been toying with setting up a little web development/design biz on the side. It’s getting more serious I suppose. I’d love to hear any feedback on this site. Note: I’ve chosen to half-ignore Netscape 4.x browsers with this design. It’s a 5 year old browser. It’s time to move on.

September 22, 2002

Shaw’s, I have decided, rocks. Huge produce section, Wild Harvest in the middle of the store, etc. Stop n’ Shop is so 2001. A shopping trip to Shaw’s was a wonderful way to wrap up a great weekend — dinner at friends, a fantastic wedding and Shaw’s. (Yes, I did receive funny looks when snapping shots of the produce aisle)

Skydriving: “‘The windshield blocks the noise, and you are floating around up there with the world moving by you on all sides.’ He and other skydivers who accompany the cars take turns behind the wheel, ‘driving’ for the first two miles — or 60 seconds — bailing out and pulling their chutes as the cars hurtle the last few thousand feet — and 10 seconds or so — to the ground.” (via camworld)

September 19, 2002

I saw the Roomba from iRobot on the news last night. This is incredibly great — a little robot that automatically roams your house, vacuuming your floors. All for around $200. I don’t think it can climb stairs yet though. The real reason I would like to purchase this little robot is to watch it play with the cats… oh, and also because it vacuums.