September 3, 2002

Matt, of the super-cool Boston band Charlene was kind enough to send me an advance of their upcoming debut full-lenghth CD. The band also runs the SharkAttack! Music label/collective/studio that puts it out. You’ll be hearing a lot about these guys when this comes out in October — I don’t pretend to know how to properly describe music by referencing other bands, so I won’t. It’s damn good and makes me want to get my act together and play again.

Seth-Tech (via scripting news) has some useful tips on what your RSS feed should look like. Like Seth, I publish my entire posts in the feed — but the reason I do this is because I use the RSS format for the final render of this site. I don’t know enough about the inner workings of Radio, Blogger Pro or Moveable Type, but I’m wondering if these tools use XSLT to transform their “feed” into the real deal… Works great for me.