September 4, 2002

I’m probably late to the game, but I didn’t realize until last night that PHP4 is included by default in Mac OS X (10.1). All you need to do is activate it. With a little snooping around I found some simple instructions on how to do this here (scroll down about 3/4 of the way and see the command line steps under “Activating the PHP Module”). In 2 minutes I was building a site with PHP on my local machine.

Salon: “‘You’ve probably been thanked for ‘Ferris Bueller’ a thousand times, so I’ll just thank you for a movie you weren’t even in, as a sort of acknowledged irony between two clever chaps.’ But actually, it was more like, ‘Hi Matthew, I’m stupid — no, just kidding, but I am tremendously ludicrous and abstruse. And did you know that I like to pee in my own socks?’” — What happens when you try to be funny while meeting Matthew Broderick in line at the movie theatre.