September 30, 2002

Ahh. Autumn. One of my favorite seasons — certainly in the top 4 at least. Apple picking yesterday was successful. The only problem with apple picking is that the only apples available are way up on the top of the trees. I had only apple pie for dinner last night.

The U.S. Evite to the rest of world: “Hello World Leaders! Come join us, The United States, as we wage war on Iraq, November 14th in Bagdad! It should be a good time…”

Apple released a beta version of iSync, its synching software for phones, iPods, Palms, etc. Seems like this will be pretty cool — but especially if I had a bluetooth phone and card for the Palm. Also, AvantGo has yet to be compatible with OS X which is painfully making me use my Windows machine each morning only to sync. That is super annoying.