October 2, 2002

The Simpson’s on the big screen? Looks possible.

I now present to you, one of the most important sites on the web: Sock Monkey Island.

Amy’s organic burritos are very tasty. Occasionally I’ll bring two of the bean and rice variety for lunch. Tip: use a paper towel to wrap the burrito before placing in the microwave — if you use a napkin, you run the risk of the napkin sticking to the burrito wrapper. This is bad for two reasons: one, you will probably eat bits of napkin and two, if you attempt to peel it off, you may puncture the burrito and ruin it’s seal. Burrito contents will spill out.

Red Hat Linux 8.0 sports a new interface called Bluecurve. Although some would say its appearance looks a lot like Windows XP. In any case, I’d like to try it out someday.