October 22, 2002

The World RPS Society is dedicated to the promotion of Rock Paper Scissors as a fun and safe way to resolve disputes. We feel that conserving the roots of RPS is essential for the growth and development of the game and the players.” You have to see this to believe it.

I have an ongoing addiction to using light grays. It was high time I added a little color around here. Text sizing has been moved to the top right of each page. Boy do I love XHTML/CSS layouts.

Last Friday, I went to see the politically charged Billy Bragg at the Somerville Theater. I felt as if I had attended a rally. It was a great show though — just him and and electric guitar (occasionally backed by organ — a guy that used to play with the Faces). Normally I don’t tend to like the in-between song banter, but Bragg is a smart and funny guy.