October 28, 2002

I am living proof that mp3s can help album sales. I was able to hear the latest offerings from Tahiti 80 (Wallpaper for the Soul) and the Apples in Stereo (Velocity of Sound ) via mp3, and now I’m ready to buy both. Why? Well, I like to have the real thing in front of me while I listen — liner notes, album art/packaging, lyrics, production notes, etc. Having only the mp3 just doesn’t cut it, as if it’s not complete.

Both of the previously mentioned new albums are fantastic — the Apples’ releasing a fuzzed out, almost punkish, but extremely catchy disc. Probably their best yet. It’s nice when you’d expect a band like them to get more experimental as they age put out something so direct and raw.

Tahiti 80 is one of the better live bands out there — their new one is growing on me. More mellow, and more layered. More on them later…