October 29, 2002

I made some changes to the CSS — you made need to force-reload if the navigation buttons look wacky. The change made the hover on the buttons work for Netscape 7 and Mozilla, as well as cutting a bunch of unnecessary div tags and CSS code.


“If you visit Salem today, you’ll find a town so intent on using witch-oriented tourism to revive its faltering economy that it has enlisted such wax-museum-style attractions as Dracula’s Castle, the Vampire Vortex and Boris Karloff’s Witch Mansion, all of which … owe more to Hollywood than to historical New England.”

This is all true of course — but that’s the bummer about Salem, MA. No one realizes what the town offers for the other 11 months out of the year. The town economy looks to be getting better within the past year though. More non witch-related businesses, restaraunts, a brand new museum, improved waterfront, etc.