October 31, 2002

Walking around Salem tonight was completely insane. Costumes everywhere. The photo on the right only captures the top half of the guy’s costume. It was literally 15 feet tall, and his wife had a matching one — where she was a creepy dinasaur looking thing breaking out of an egg shell. Halloween in Salem. Starting tomorrow it’ll be a lot quieter around here.

The murder of Jam Master Jay is just so sad. I can remember Run DMC being the soundtrack to my break dancing days while growing up in Vermont (yes, break dancing in Vermont… I know). They’re regarded as the Beatles of rap — and rightly so.

Maybe BeOS has a future afterall (sort of). The Register reports that Palm OS 6 will be based on BeOS (which they bought last year) and will be released in 2003. I could see Be working wonderfully on a handheld — and you have a whole separate pool of developers that (maybe?) would want to develop again for Palm OS. Interesting. (via shacker)