November 11, 2002

My aunt and uncle in New Hampshire have goats. Specifically, they have one Tennessee fainting goat (“Olivia” pictured at right). They’re called fainting goats because when they get nervous or scared, their muscles tense up to the point where they can fall over. We saw a little bit of it over the weekend. It’s wacky. Apparently fainting goats were bred to act as decoys for predators going after a flock of sheep.

What I like about this particular picture though, is that it appears that Olivia is talking to the camera. I could lie to you and say that fainting goats are also talking goats, but I won’t.


“Thank you for your interest in Movielink. We want you to take part in the powerful Internet movie rental experience that Movielink delivers; however, you currently do not meet our minimum system requirements. You will need to adjust the following:

You Need Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP”

Hmmm. Oh well. I hear it’s a new “download and play it on your computer” service for renting movies. I’m sure this is where the rental industry is headed, and will be interesting to see what happens.

AltaVista has redesigned, and looks a heck of a lot like Google. I must say I do not like their new logo.

Macromedia just released Contribute, its bare-bones Web publishing software. We got a demo of this at work last week. Looks good for people that aren’t savvy and don’t want to be. Locking down portions of page code, etc. I need to look at it closer. People are wondering if they built in open standards…