November 13, 2002

I’ve changed the way the font size preferences worked from my own home-grown Perl way, to Paul Sowden’s famous and more superior stylesheet switcher — as seen on Wired News and many other sites. It’s superior in that I don’t need to write CSS values unhidden in the main template, thus changing the font size for browsers with limited CSS support. Now those old-school people aren’t tied down by CSS sizing of text in any way. Also, since it uses javascript, it doesn’t require the page to reload.

For the color choices, I’ve kept those using my Perl script, where XSLT handles the spitting out of another color stylesheet on the fly. Couldn’t figure out how to modify the javascript to handle two alternate stylesheets at once. Everything seems to work nicely though, although you may need to force-reload and delete any old cookies from to be safe. I know this is so terribly exciting to read about.