December 4, 2002

There’s somewhat of an artform in creating tiny, useful apps — case in point: Searchling, a little “G” that sits in your menubar in OS X. Click it, and a little floating search box appears for instant Google searches. Results appear in your browser. Can’t get any quicker than this.

I’m in the middle of battling the worst cold I’ve had in a while, and the 2nd one already this winter. Geez. Kerry was kind enough to bring home some Alka-Seltzer Plus cold medicine a few nights ago. The package came with a little matchbox car (pictured above right). I like matchbox cars that come with cold medicines.

So there’s a reason for yet another subtle design change for this site. This is a design idea I had been working on for a separate portfolio site, but I decided it’d make more sense to fold that in here. So there’s now a portfolio page (yes, very tiny right now) where I hope to attract more projects as I have the time for them.

There are still some issues with the photos page that I need to fix, but other than that things should look ok. Force reload if something looks completely weird.