December 6, 2002

It had previously been snowing for over 24 hours straight here in Salem (albeit, a light snow). It just stopped maybe an hour ago, the skies opened up, and here’s the view out my home office window. The snow is already melting. It’s spring! Oh wait, it’s not even winter yet. Anyhow, I wish my sinuses would clear up like the sky did.

Enjoy the new NaDa 0.5! This is simply the best piece of software I’ve come across. From the NaDa web site:

“NaDa 0.9 was a system software extension, but the new improved NaDa 0.5 is just a document of 1 byte.You don’t have to restart your computer for installation. It is simpler than ever. We hope to reach our final objective by delivering NaDa 0.0 by the end of the current year.”

Some examples of UFOs appearing in 15th century European art.