December 24, 2002

Merry Christmas. There’s a house (or actually a whole block) in Saugus, MA that goes above and beyond with lights and decorations. I’ve never seen anything like it. Apparently they spend $30,000 to do it, and employ 3 people for a few weeks a year to help set it all up. The electric bill for the month of December is around $1000 and traffic on their street gets heavier than the central artery during rush hour. A colossal waste of energy? Yes. But still amazing. Shown at right (click for larger view) is a photo I snapped while driving by in the car, and while it’s blurry, you still get a sense for the amount of lights there are.

Jakob Nielsen’s Top Ten Web-Design Mistakes of 2002. Some valid stuff in there.

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  1. Elen says:

    Where is this block in Saugus that has many Christmas lights? Do they still do it?