January 3, 2003

O’Reilly, makers of wonderful technology books that feature animals on their covers, celebrates their 25th anniversary.

A few of us at work have put together a new venture. It was Daigo’s idea, with my help on the backend, we present to you: Random Web Search (DNS has hopefully found its way around the world). Basically, it’s a way to kill time. Click to generate a random word, then click again to search it on Google. You can also add your own words or phrases to the list.


“In a bid to become the third country to send people into space, China announces plans to launch a manned rocket later this year. Other goals may include establishing moon bases and putting astronauts on Mars.”

Mars. I’m wondering if the U.S. is planning a manned mission to Mars. That would be huge. Bigger than the moon. I’m sure someone is thinking about it. I don’t follow NASA news all that much, but it seems like not much has been happening lately. Perhaps there’s something big being planned? Who knows.