January 5, 2003

XML.com posts an interesting article on how easy it is to build your own RSS reader in XSLT. It’s curious to me why there isn’t more talk about XSLT within the whole RSS/syndication/weblog topic. Being an extra layer of separation between the content and layout, it’s so darn powerful — especially when we’re already dealing with XML feeds from most publishing tools.

In response to the pros and cons of putting hidden upgrade messages on top of sites that use XHTML and CSS for layout, Zeldman has spelled out fantastic reasoning for building with web standards. At times it’s difficult to convey the importance and benifical reasoning behing going this route, but his post today will be great ammo to point to.

John’s switch to Canada:

“My name is John… and I’m a Canadian.”

A hilarious parody of the Apple switch campaign. (via da1go)