January 10, 2003

Spot the GIF-erence. Can you tell if the kittens are .gif or .jpg?

I don’t buy too many DVDs. I probably have about 10 total. Just the ones that I really don’t mind watching again and again. The best one so far? Hands down it’s The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition. If you liked the theatrical release, you’ll be amazed at what else is included. I’m usually not one for watching the extra stuff on DVDs, but the extended version has two discs worth of PBS-quality documentaries, maps, interviews, etc. It’s incredible to see what it took for 3000(?) people over many years to pull these movies off. I never got bored and still haven’t finished watching the endless hours of stuff.

More importantly though, the extended edition of the film is fantastic. There’s about 30 additional minutes — all of which never feels forced or tacked on after the fact. It runs as smooth (or smoother) than the shorter version released in theatres. Highly recommended.