January 13, 2003

I received a talking Yoda for Christmas. You squeeze his hand (or “his hand you will squeeze”) and ask him a yes or no question. He’ll answer you. He helps make decisions — not important decisions, mind you. Those are left to better methods.


“iCommune is a plug-in which extends Apple’s iTunes software to share music over the network. Your friends’ music libraries appear in the iTunes source list. You can browse their collections, and choose to download or stream their music. It also allows you to make your own music library available to others.”

I’ve just read Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Accessibility — 30 days to a more accessible web site. What a tremendous resource that anyone who builds web sites should read. Mark tells you why you should add accessibility features to your sites, who they benefit and how to implement them. It’s so clear and easy to read — none of this stuff is that complicated, you just need to the knowledge of why it’s important.

I was thinking how great it would be if the iPod was Bluetooth enabled, and there was a separate device you would plug into your stereo’s receiver to transmit the mp3s. The iPod would be like a remote control. But the iTrip is even better — an FM transmitter that plugs into your iPod, needs no batteries and transmits your music to any stereo via an FM signal. The range is apparently only 10-30 feet, but that’ll do the trick. Also great for the car.