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Two bunny ears. One tied shoe.

For years I’ve thought that the way I tie my shoes is the inferior way — the method that all the dumb kids ended up using because they couldn’t do it “right”. Well, I was pleased to read this:

“The two most popular methods of tying shoes are the bunny ears and the one-loop wrap. The bunny ears method is easier to understand although it requires more coordination.”

Yes, I tie my shoes using the bunny ears method. I have done this since I was 5. People often make fun of me, and on those rare occasions when I have to tie my shoes in public (prior to and following bowling, for instance), I am self conscious. Well, not any more. Apparently the bunny ears way “requires more coordination”, to quote again. I don’t think there’s much more to say on the matter.

New theme switcher

I’ve added a new theme switcher in the right column. Instead of a boring text re-sizer, you now have the power to change the weather at will. Stay tuned for snowy, sleety and other weather themes. Maybe. Force refresh if anything looks wacky.

Welcome to

So I’ve done some consolidation, and because I’m a neat freak and wanted everything in one place (freelance stuff, weblog, etc.) I’ve moved everything here, under one brand. I love my last name and all, but SimpleBits is easier to spell and remember and would work better as a company name. will forward here indefinitely. Viva la

Safari will have tabbed browsing

Think Secret:

“In beta 62 of Safari, which has yet to be posted for download, tabbed browsing can be activated via the hidden debug menu. Once turned on, pressing Command-T opens a new tab.”

Cool. Apparently enough people requested this feature, and just like that, it’ll (most likely) be in the next beta version. I especially dig the like “x” icon on each tab for one-click closing.

Photoshop Lomo effect

After reading Kottke’s Lomo effect post, I had to try this out myself. Click the image on the right for a larger version. I didn’t bother with a “before and after”, but I will tell you, this short tutorial on how you can spice up your potos in Photoshop is quick, easy and well worth it.

This particular photo is of a creepy cemetary in downtown Salem from a few weeks back. A few historical figures are buried here, as well as a memorial for the victims of the Salem witch trials of 1692.

In other news, I’ve started painting our house — or rather the entire downstairs of our condo. I estimate that I will be finished with the trim in approximately 46 months.

Inagurual Bucket Ball tournament

Well the first Bucket Ball tournament is in the… well, bucket. Sorry. I lost two games and was eliminated from the competition without a single victory. Damn. Heath has posted some great photos of the event. Yes, I am wearing a headband. It’s a sign of loyalty.

I was unable to partake in the downing of Bud Light (in cans) due to the antibiotics that are fighting my annoying ear infection. But that’s another story.

Tortelloni vs. Tortellini

Which is it? I’ve been buying the Barilla spinach and ricotta tortelloni for quite some time now, not even noticing it was spelled this way on the packaging. I’ve always called it tortellini. To further confuse the matter, I’ve just watched a commercial for this very same product and they verbally called it tortellini, yet the product shot at the end of the commercial said tortelloni. This is an incredibly important matter.

Update: Shannon writes:

“At least as I understand it, tortelloni are basically oversized tortellini
(the former are about 1.5 – 2″ across; the latter 1″ or less).”

Mystery solved — this makes perfect sense.

Blizzard of ’03

27.5 inches of snow have fallen in eastern Massachusetts. More than the total amount from the Blizzard of ’78. I grew up in Vermont, so we had the Blizzard of ’78, ’79, ’80 and so on and so forth. So anyhow, we have a snowblower. After maybe 20 pulls of the startup string (much like a lawnmower) I was getting nowhere. The 21st pull managed to start it and at the same time yank the string completely out of the engine. Great. Now if it stalled again, it’d be nothing but shoveling. Luckily it lasted quite a while and I was able to attack the 4 foot tall snow bank that separated my car from the freedom of (semi) drivable roads.

What amazes me is that in this very same spot in the world, it will reach 100 degrees this summer. Ah, New England winters.

Life of Pi

Buy it at AmazonJust finished reading Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. Going into it, I didn’t know a whole lot about the book — just that it was about a boy and a tiger in a boat. It turned out to be a pretty amazing story of survival under bizarre circumstances. Apparently it is based on a true story, but fiction written mostly in the first person. I’ll have to do a little more research to find if it really is a true story. Highly recommended, and can’t say much more about it without ruining the story for you.

Update: After no more than 5 minutes doing a little Google searching, I’m more convinced that the book is entirely fictitious, rather than loosely based on a true story. Let me know if you know otherwise.

Update Update: It is indeed entirely fictitious, and the author Yann Martel explains the methods he used to write the story.

It is still a great book.