Bucket Ball

We’ve invented a game at work called Bucket Ball. It involves a trash can with a diameter of 8 and 3/4 inches and an
8 and 1/2 inch 4-square ball. The difference of 1/4 inch is incedibly important, as over or under this amount would
result in gameplay that is either impossible or too easy. The gameplay of Bucket Ball involves elements of basketball,
tennis, bowling, quarters, and chess. Anything can happen in the BBL.

Two players sit in a chair at either end of a 14 foot long by 3 foot 2 inch wide “court”. The bucket sits at dead center.
Each player tosses the ball toward the bucket. One bounce and in results in 1 point. Two bounces and in the bucket
results in 2 points. Three bounces. 3 points (this have never been done before in competition or otherwise).

The first player to achieve 3 points wins the match. Knocking over the bucket with the ball results in a foul.
the opposing player receives two shots — one foul shot and his or her regular turn.

Strategy plays a large role. The bucket can move around the court as a result of the ball hitting it. It is only
reset to center after a point is scored or a foul. A person can only win by scoring exactly 3 points. In other words,
he or she cannot score two consecutive 2 point shots in a row. The player must score a 2 point shot and a 1 point
shot to win, or three 1 point shots

Scoring of the game is much like bowling (illustrated below). Three boxes for the 3 necessary points for victory.
Each box marked with an “X” for each point scored. If a 2 point shot is made, one “X” is marked across two boxes. Similarly if the ever elusive 3 point shot is achieved.


Our first championship tournament is next Thursday, and I of course will be covering the events on this site.