Blizzard of ’03

27.5 inches of snow have fallen in eastern Massachusetts. More than the total amount from the Blizzard of ’78. I grew up in Vermont, so we had the Blizzard of ’78, ’79, ’80 and so on and so forth. So anyhow, we have a snowblower. After maybe 20 pulls of the startup string (much like a lawnmower) I was getting nowhere. The 21st pull managed to start it and at the same time yank the string completely out of the engine. Great. Now if it stalled again, it’d be nothing but shoveling. Luckily it lasted quite a while and I was able to attack the 4 foot tall snow bank that separated my car from the freedom of (semi) drivable roads.

What amazes me is that in this very same spot in the world, it will reach 100 degrees this summer. Ah, New England winters.