Tortelloni vs. Tortellini

Which is it? I’ve been buying the Barilla spinach and ricotta tortelloni for quite some time now, not even noticing it was spelled this way on the packaging. I’ve always called it tortellini. To further confuse the matter, I’ve just watched a commercial for this very same product and they verbally called it tortellini, yet the product shot at the end of the commercial said tortelloni. This is an incredibly important matter.

Update: Shannon writes:

“At least as I understand it, tortelloni are basically oversized tortellini
(the former are about 1.5 – 2″ across; the latter 1″ or less).”

Mystery solved — this makes perfect sense.

One Comment

  1. Kate says:

    Actually the difference is that tortelloni is made with ricotta cheese and tortellini is made with pork or some other type of meat.