Two bunny ears. One tied shoe.

For years I’ve thought that the way I tie my shoes is the inferior way — the method that all the dumb kids ended up using because they couldn’t do it “right”. Well, I was pleased to read this:

“The two most popular methods of tying shoes are the bunny ears and the one-loop wrap. The bunny ears method is easier to understand although it requires more coordination.”

Yes, I tie my shoes using the bunny ears method. I have done this since I was 5. People often make fun of me, and on those rare occasions when I have to tie my shoes in public (prior to and following bowling, for instance), I am self conscious. Well, not any more. Apparently the bunny ears way “requires more coordination”, to quote again. I don’t think there’s much more to say on the matter.


  1. Kim Siever says:

    Weird. That’s the method I use too. I didn’t think anyone else used it. My brother taught it to me, but he went to the dark side and uses the other method now.

  2. Simon Jessey says:

    The sad part about all this is that someone has actually named the tying methods. I just tie my laces – I have no idea what method I use, nor whether or not it is officially sanctioned by the shoe-tying governing body.

  3. Hans says:

    Wow. I never even knew there was another method… I never really learn to tie my shoes correctly anyway. Hmmm.. I should research this “one-loop wrap” thing.

  4. MikeyC says:

    I wonder if there’s been any research done into which is the more effective method. I use “bunny ears” and I am a tad self-conscious about it too. I’ve always wondered whether or not the “one-loop” method provides a more secure knot less likely to loosen and come undone.
    There must be some reason why the “bunny ears” method is looked down on, right? Right?!? Oh god, why didn’t I learn the “one-loop” method when I was younger!?! I’m too set in my ways now to change… oh cruel world!!

  5. Levi Buzolic says:

    Haha! Amazing, I myself tie my shoes the supposed “propper” way, and I could see how the “bunny ears” method could be a source of ridicule. But I wouldn’t say anything. I infact learn the “bunny ears” method just by watching friends tie their shoes, even though I had already learnt the “propper” method.
    One thing I always noticed is that parents tie their kids shoes in the “bunny ears” way, but will tie their own in the other way. Just odd!
    Anyways, Cya!

  6. joshua says:

    For most of my life, I’ve used the one loop method. BUT a modified version of the bunny ears method is superior in some cases.
    When performing the bunny ears dance, instead of wrapping one ‘ear’ around the other once, do it twice (e.g. make two loops around the other ear). This tying method will not come undone on its own, yet is still easy to untie by pulling (a little harder) on one of the ends.
    This method is used in tying knots on canyoning (canyoneering) boots (or any other boots that have round, nylon laces or get wet a lot, and therefore have a tendency for the knot to slip undone on its own).
    But I use this method all the time now. It just takes some getting used to in the tying dept.

  7. geeks-R-us says:

    there is more than one way to tie shoes? i have tied them the same way for 47 years…not once have i been sneered at. all the people i know tie them the same way…do i need new friends?

  8. Apparently, I’ve been doing a relatively ineffecient and cumbersome combination of both methods… now I’ll be self-conscious every time I tie my shoes in public.
    …thanks a lot Dan :/

  9. Dan Heman says:

    I too tie my shoes with the bunny ears and have felt somewhat juvenile all these years. I am now starting to teach my kids how to tie their shoes and have only one method to show them. My shameful shoe tying legacy will continue with my children, how sad.

  10. It looks like I’ve always used “bunny ears”, in fact, I didn’t know there was another method.
    Could anybody give us more details about the “one-loop wrap”? I would like to master that one because Kim mentioned the dark side, so I guess Darth Vader uses it, and, you know, Darth Vader is just cool :)

  11. Brooke says:

    I’d like someone to illustrate both tying methods, just so I know which one I use. Until reading this, I had no idea they were even named, or for that matter that there was more than one “method”.
    Obviously I have been kept out of the loop.

  12. Jay says:

    I’m not sure which method I use, but I was in a shoe store the other day and the salesman remarked that he had never seen anyone tie shoes the way I do it. I wonder if my method is some strange variant of one of the two primary techniques.

  13. mistersquid says:

    There is actually a third way to tie one’s shoes I’ve not seen mentioned. It is a no-loop method and quite complicated for even experienced shoe lace tiers with a great degree of manual dexterity. But, it’s cool as Hades to show to your friends and family. It basically creates both loops in a single smooth action. Here’s my atttempt to explain how to do it:
    You make a half knot as in the bunny ears and one-loop methods. Then wrap your right pinky over the rightward-pointing lace end. Wrap your left pink UNDER the leftward-pointing lace end.
    Now, twist the index finger and thumb of your right hand under (away from you toward the shoe toe) the rightward-pointing lace end, and twist the index finger and thumb of your left hand OVER (toward you toward the shoe heel) the leftward-pointing lace end.
    Bring your index fingers and thumbs so they look like you are holding a small camera. Your right hand will have the lace going from half-knot over thumb, over index finger, to curled pinky and past palm. Your left hand will have the lace going from half-knot over index finger, over thunb, to curled pinky and past palm.
    Here is the VERY TRICKY PART. With your right index finger and thumb, grasp the bit of lace spanning your left index finger and thumb. Do the same with your left index finger an thumb for the bit of lace spanning your right index finger and thumb. (Note: the finger-thumb pair which grabs second will actually have to drag the lace across the thumb of the opposite hand.) This reciprocal cross-grabbing action is what knots the laces.
    Pull your thumbs and index fingers away from each other and you wil have a neatly knotted shoelace.
    If these instructions are too infernal for anyone to understand and enough people complain (you can contact me at my website), I might be persuaded to take some pix of the process and/or post a small mpeg of me doing so.
    Happy lacing.

  14. Victor says:

    Actually, here’s a site that lists ten different methods with diagrams. Tr

  15. Chris MCown says:

    I knew I couldn’t be the only person on the face of the planet to be encumbered with publiclacophobia! As a young boy I was never self conscious. It was only when I took a job selling shoes to earn money while in college that I began to hear comments from people regarding my shoe tying ability. Not only did I have the pleasure of listening to Al Bundy references all day but I had to listen to people give me grief over how I tied shoe laces.

  16. kurtis says:

    umm … i do a “double-” or “treble-one loop wrap”, because my shoelaces are usually too long, and i have to do something with them so that i don’t trip.
    and once you’re comfortable with the method, you can use it to tie ribbon on gift packages. (i learned the technique in martha stewart living, as it turns out, in an article about bell’occhio in san francisco.)
    as for (my understanding of) the “one loop wrap”, it’s the same knot you use when tying a bow on a package. doubling or trebling the bow means passing through an additional loop or two, respectively, while holding everything else as taut as possible — and yes, it does require some dexterity. (and of course, this description presumes that you don’t use the ‘bunny ears’ technique when tying ribbons on packages; if anyone does, i’ll have to come back and be more specific.)

  17. Rob says:

    hey guys – check this out

  18. I have step by step directions for how to make shoe tying easy and fun for kids

  19. Ben Strange says:

    Hey man i just wanted to know if you know how to tie a shoe in checker style.
    All my friends have checker style shoe laces and i dont, so im always feeling left out. So if you could give me some instructions on how to tie my shoes like that.

  20. Lucy says:

    Hey! I always used the bunny ears way of doing it – Thats what my mom taught me! :D

  21. da mace says:

    go to for another super-quick way to tie your shoes. it’s faster than the one-loop and the bunny ears put together. it is called the ian knot.

  22. Sally says:

    Anyone have any ideas on one handed tying of shoes? I have a son with a handicapped right hand and he can only use
    1 hand.

  23. toad says:

    does it matter?